Magma Crucible

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Magma Crucible
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The Magma Crucible is a machine which uses MJ power (Minecraft Joules) to melt things into liquid. Typically uses quite a bit of energy. It mainly serves to make lava a renewable resource. It uses 30 MJ/t, so 8 Magmatic Engines are enough to power it with some left over. If netherrack is used it can output enough lava to power the engines and a Thermal Generator.


Recipe List

Input Output Quantity (mB) Cost (MJ) Time (Ticks) Time (Seconds)
Cobblestone Lava 1000 24000 800 40
Stone Lava 1000 24000 800 40
Obsidian Lava 1000 24000 800 40
Netherrack Lava 1000 12000 400 20
Redstone Molten Redstone 25 1200 40 2
Ender Pearl Molten Ender 250 2400 80 4
Glowstone Energized Glowstone 1000 8000 ? ?
Glowstone Dust Energized Glowstone 250 2000 ? ?

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