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Witchery is a mod created by Emoniph that adds a host of witchcraft related mechanics. The main disciplines of Witchery include: Circle Magic, Brews and Infusions, Poppets, and Dream Weaving. potions.

Witches Oven

The witches oven is a item added by Witchery and is like a normal furnace (you can smelt wood into charcoal) but you can create different potions. This a good way to cook food or smelt wood as it cooks food 10% faster than a normal furnace, but you cannot smelt ores. To craft it you need to have 1 empty bucket, 1 iron bar and 5 iron ingots. You put the bucket in the top middle slot, the iron bar in the bottom middle slot and the iron ingots in the shape of a iron helmet in the empty slots.

  • Put a piece of raw food in the oven to maybe create a foul fume
  • Put logs in it to maybe get a foul fume
  • Put an oak sapling in to possibly get an exhale of the horned one
  • Put a birch sapling in to create the chance of getting a breath of the goddess
  • Put a spruce sapling in to maybe get a hint of rebirth
  • Put a rowan sapling in it to possibly get a whiff of magic
  • Put a hawthorn sapling in to maybe get an odour of purity
  • Put an alder sapling in to the oven to maybe get a reek of misfortune
  • Put a jungle sapling in the witches oven to possibly get a foul fume

Remember put a clay jar in the bottom slot of the oven to get a potion. To craft a clay jar you smelt a soft clay jar in a furnace. A soft clay jar is crafted with 3 clay in a v shape.

Upgrading the oven

To upgrade the witches oven you need to place a fume funnel or filtered fume funnel on the left or right of the oven. To create a fume funnel you need a lava bucket, 4 empty buckets, 2 iron buckets, 1 iron bar and 1 glowstone block. You place a lava bucket in the top middle slot on the crafting grid, place a glowstone block in the middle slot, an iron block in the bottom two corners, then you place an iron bar in the bottom middle slot and finally fill the final slots with empty buckets. This adds to the oven a 10% quicker cooking speed and a 25% better chance of getting the other item. To craft the filtered fume funnel you need a fume funnel and fume filter. You just put them in the crafting table (the fume funnel one slot above the the filter.) To craft the fume filter you need 2 iron ingots, 6 glass blocks and 1 charged attuned stone. You put the the glass blocks on the top row and the bottom row. The iron ingots go in the middle left and middle right slots and the charged attuned stone goes in the remaining slot. To charge an attuned stone (crafted with a whiff of magic then below that in the crafting grid a diamond and below that a lava bucket) you must use a rite of charging, which is obtained by circle magic. You can watch the video down the page or craft the book Witchcraft: Circle Magic. It is crafted by a book in the middle a Belladona above it a feather to the right a whiff of magic below it and an ink sac to the left. The filtered fume funnel is an upgrade to the fume funnel and increases the chance of the extra item by another 5%. So the total effect of the two upgrades would be +10% cooking speed and +30% chance of the extra item.


The distillery is another item added by the Witchery mod used for distilling magical items. This is crafted with 4 iron ingots, 2 clay jars, 2 gold ingots and 1 attuned stone. You put (in a crafting table) the 2 clay jars in the top two corners, the gold ingots in the bottom two corners, the attuned stone in the bottom middle slot and the iron ingots in the remaining empty slots. Once created you need to place it down at least 15 blocks away from a fully functioning altar. To craft 3 blocks (you need in the end 6 in a 2x3 pattern) you need 1 breath of the goddess, 1 exhale of the horned one, 1 water bottle, 4 stone bricks and 2 rowan logs. You put the exhale of the horned one in the top right, the breath of the goddess in the top left, the water bottle in between them, the rowan wood in the two slots below the water bottle and fill the remaining space with stone bricks. Do this twice place it in a 2x3 pattern and place the distillery close to the altar (no further than 15 blocks.)

Put In Get Out
Foul Fume and Quicklime Gypsum, a slimeball and oil of vitriol
Diamond and Oil of Vitriol Diamond Vapour x2 and a odour of purity
Breath of Goddess and lapiz lazuli Tear of the goddess, whiff of magic, foul fume and a slimeball
Diamond vapour and a ghast tear Odour of purity, reek of misfortune, foul fume and refined evil
Ender Pearl Ender Dew x5 and whiff of magic
Blaze powder and gunpowder Glowstone dust x2 and reek of misfortune
Demon heart and diamond vapour Demonic blood x4 and Refined evil


The altar is an object that powers magical things like the kettle or distillery. If you place it in an area with lots of living things it will harness you with more power to work with. The setup instructions are in the section Distillery, so if you haven't looked at that do. If you right click the altar it will show how much power it is producing.


Get started with the Witchery mod

There is useful information about Spell Casting and the Mystic Branch in this video, starting at 8:30.

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