DNA Analyser

DNA Analyser
DNA Analyser.png
DNA Analyser

Advanced Genetics




A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block


yes (64)

The DNA Analyser from Advanced Genetics is a machine that when supplied with power from a Combustion Generator or Thermal Expansion 3's RF power. It will convert Skin Scales into Cell's, and as a byproduct it will create Organic Drops. The Cell can then be placed into a DNA Extractor to continue the process.

Crafting Recipe

Iron (Ingot) Iron (Ingot) Iron (Ingot) Grid layout Arrow (small).png DNA Analyser
Iron (Ingot) Magnifier Iron (Ingot)
Iron (Ingot) Iron (Ingot) Iron (Ingot)


DNA Analyser GUI


The input can be reached through the top and the left side of the machine, while the output is reachable through the bottom and the right side of the machine. There is currently no way to reach the slot for organic drops.

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