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Welcome to the Attack of the B-Team Modpack! This modpack was intended to provide a drastically re-visioned experience previously available in modpacks. Modpacks that were strewn with the technical, logical and time consuming, have been replaced with the wacky, mad science fun! This pack blends together so many things, that it may be hard for a Survivalist to get in, and even when they do, they may find themselves in constant need of materials (as they are wasting much!)

A great start is to read through the books provided at the beginning of the game, but this guide will help you get set up to begin your journey into the Mad Scientist world of Attack of the B-Team!

Getting Started

When generating your new world, its best to maximize your experience by leaving the settings at default. You *do not* want to start a super-flat survival game, save that for Creative Mode experiments. Big Biomes are not bad, but may leave you searching a long time for things that aren't in your spawned Biome.

With that said, generate your new world (try not to use ones generated from other modpacks) and let's jump into Day 1!

Day 1

While this day may start out familiarly with punching trees, in order to maximize your materials, you're going to want to alter the way you do things ever so slightly. There should be plenty of wood around, though you may want to look for some of the vanilla stuff so you don't waste any of the semi-decorative or specialized wood. Once you've found your first log, make yourself a Crafting Table, and convert it to a Tinker's Crafting Station.

Crafting Table     Grid layout Arrow (small).png Crafting Station

The Crafting Station will get you started in the world of Tinker's Construct, and items placed on the Station will not fall out once you leave like on a normal Crafting Table. You can use this to craft up a standard wood pickaxe and sword. Spend the last moments of your daylight gathering more wood & cobblestone, hunting for food and maybe get lucky and find some wool. If you can manage 16 wood (64 Wood Planks) and 18 Cobblestone you will have plenty to craft throughout the night. Quickly dig out or build a house to keep you safe. Try not to use your wood if possible, we will need it shortly to make some repairable stone tools. Seal yourself in with dirt if you have to, just make sure you have room to work.

Help, I've turned into a <mob>!

You've probably run into a mob or animal by the end of this day: if so, you have already had your first experience with the Morph Mod!

Use the [ and ] keys to select the shape you wish to morph into, and press enter to select it. If you have multiple skins (like brown and gray cows) use Shift+[ or Shift+] to select between different skins.

While morphed, your nameplate will be hidden from other players, and you will take on certain aspects of the mob (Such as being burnt by sunlight if zombie or hurt by water if ender!).

Use this to your advantage! But be wary of the consequences of the morph as well. There are a number of abilities available via Morph, a quick rundown are: Fly, Float, Swim/Breath underwater, Auto-step up, Climb Walls, Fire Immunity, Poison Resistance, Wither Resistance, and even blend in with hostile mobs (if turned on). See if you can guess which frequently encountered mobs will give you what! Fly, and to a similar extent Climb, as well as Swim seem to be the most effective abilities, while this and many more can be added to your person directly without need of morph via Advanced Genetics... But that's another tutorial.

Day 1, Night

The Tinker's Night: Take advantage of the safe/quiet time, zombies and skeletons knocking on doors aside, to start your workshop to support your mining habit. In order to get some of the more advanced stuff you will need to amass a lot more materials. You need to stretch what materials you have now as much as possible, and we can do this using the Tinker's Construct system. This system allows you to craft equipment for significantly less material, as well as repair them. To get started in this set, we will need a Blank Pattern or six.

Stick Wooden Plank   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Blank Pattern
Wooden Plank Stick  

The Sticks and Wooden Planks can be interchanged as long as they are diagonal to eachother. Once you have at least three Blank Patterns, you can craft all of your Tinker Tables: the Stencil Table, the Part Builder, and the Tool Station. First of all we need a Stencil Table:

Blank Pattern     Grid layout Arrow (small).png Stencil Table
Wooden Plank    

After placing on the floor, you can right click on this and insert any Blank Patterns and turn them into a part pattern. These part patterns are put into a Part Builder, which will give us the parts we need to build the tool in the Tool Station. To start out, lets make a Pickaxe.

Note: This guide assumes you were not able to get enough Cobblestone, so it will use wood. If you were able to get Cobblestone, craft a furnace and cook it into Stone, and use Stone wherever you see Wooden Planks.

Using the Stencil Table, create a Pickaxe Head Pattern, a Tool Binding Pattern, and a Tool Rod Pattern. You will only need to make these once; the pattern is reusable and will last you until you reach the Forge-level tools, or start doing metal castings in a Smeltery.

To make your first part, we will need to craft a Part Builder.

Blank Pattern     Grid layout Arrow (small).png Part Builder

After placing on the floor, you can right click on this and place your Pickaxe Head Pattern on the top left square of the left-most 2 x 2 area, and your Wooden Plank directly to the right of it. On the right-most 2 x 2 area, you will see your Wooden Pickaxe Head appear in the top-left spot. Place the Tool Binding Pattern below the Pickaxe Head Pattern, and place a Wooden Plank directly to the right of that (So all areas of the leftmost 2 x 2 are being used).

32x32pxWooden Plank 32x32px 
32x32pxWooden Plank 32x32pxStick

You will notice that the Tool Binding, along with other patterns requiring 0.5 Materials, will product a Half Material, in this case a Stick. Stone will produce a Stone Shard. You can also use these Half-Materials to create tools, such as using the Stick above for creating a Wooden Tool Rod. Nothing extra will be generated when doing it this way, though.
32x32pxStick 32x32px 

Finally, with all of your new Tinker Parts, you can build a proper Pickaxe! Lets craft our Tool Station in order to put all of the parts together.

Blank Pattern     Grid layout Arrow (small).png Part Builder
Crafting Table    

After placing this down, right click on it. On the left side you will see the currently available tools that can be made from this table (Hint: Upgrade to Tool Forge to get more!). In this case, select the Pickaxe. You will see a grid layout with images in the background. These will match the pattern available from the Stencil Table, and once you create the parts and place them in, they will form a Tinker Tool!

Now that you have your new tool, what happens when it breaks? Well first of all, it will not disappear, but it will become all but useless. Take your tool back to this Tool Station, select the Anvil button and place in your tool and add the material to the left of it. A fully functional version will pop out of the right! It takes 1 material to completely repair your tool from any wear... Reducing your pickaxe repair from 3 materials to 1! Hatchets from 3 to 1! Swords from 2 to 1!

Finish off the night

Take your new tools and use up your old vanilla ones, then if you have time, spend it crafting some furniture (see Furniture Mod stuff, like a Chair, Bedside Cabinet or even a smelt White Couch if you have the wool!

Day 2, Broaden your Horizons!

Congratulations! You have survived your first night! So now what? Death is inevitable, so one of the first things you should make is a bed. Another option, if you are the type who wishes to be constantly mobile, is a Sleeping Bag.

White Carpet White Carpet   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Sleeping Bag
White Wool White Wool White Wool
White Carpet White Carpet White Wool

Please Note: Color is not a requirement.

Right-clicking this while in hand will cause you to sleep on the floor right where you are. This behaves just as a bed does, and multiple players using a sleeping bag is the same as multiple sleeping in a bed.

Once you have a nice stash of Wood and/or Stone, you can make many tools using Tinker's Construct, or furniture or whatever you please, but eventually you need to find Iron and finally Diamond. Once you've done this, or even better yet prior to finding it, you should start on the hunt for Sand, Gravel and Clay. Together, this will make Grout a fundamental piece to Smeltery, which yeilds DOUBLE INGOTS for each Ore you toss into the Smeltery.

Or if you are one to skip all of the tools, you can branch off the path of some of the various other mods, like Carpenter's Blocks, BetterStorage, FoodPlus, LiquidXP, Galacticraft, Necromancy or Witchery. Or perhaps you want to explore and check out Biomes 'O Plenty, Natura, and OpenBlocks in the wild. Or maybe you want large factories with Thermal Expansion, Tmechworks, Project Red, qCraft, and Random Things. Or perhaps you wish to go off the deep end with Dubstep Guns, Flan's Guns/Mechs, Hamsters, and Sync.

Some of these packs require specific or high-end materials (such as gold or diamonds in some cases) so you may want to check the Starting with Mods page to see what your favorite requires.

Video Tutorials

Finding it hard to follow along with the Tinker's Construct tutorial above? Don't worry we've got you covered! check out these tutorials submitted by our wiki contributors...

If you want further information on how to advance further in Attack of the B-Team check out the page for the mod your interested in on the Mod list

Help! I can't find <insert ore>

While digging straight down in the ground is an easy way to find veins, its time consuming and wears down tools fast. If you were to take advantage of the Morph mod, and morph into a climbing or flying mob, you could quickly locate a Ravine or two, which experience has shown contain a plethora of ore from each and every modpack and more. Flying/Climbing down and up is easy with morph, and as long as you don't find a creeper, losses should be minimal when dying.

Help! I died and I can't find my stuff!

Another fun feature/mod of Attack of the B-Team is you will no longer drop your items when killed. In the block you are standing, a gravestone with your name on it will be created. This gravestone holds all of your items, break it to cause them to drop out of it. This can be created on the ground, in the air floating, or on a wall. Keep in mind, that this gravestone is destroyable by mobs, and if it is destroyed, your items will be gone (ie; Creeper blast, lava, or falling out of the world).

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