Modifiers (Tinkers' Construct)

All of the Tools and Weapons from Tinkers' Construct can be modified. Once an item is complete, you can use the Tool Station to add extra abilities to it. Different materials/items have different amounts of modifiers.

Additionally, different materials will affect the appearance of the tool/weapon in the order that you add them. For instance, adding redstone to a pick will make a red wrap appear around the binding, while adding auto-repair to a pick will cause a green moss to cover a majority of it, and also cover up many of the other existing modifiers (such as the redstone). As such, if you plan on adding auto-repair, you may consider adding the moss first and the other modifiers later, so that those modifiers visibly stand out. For best results, experiment with different orderings in creative before committing in survival.

Tool Ability Modifiers

Material Ability Items Per Modifier Comment
Diamond +500 Durability
Mining level increased to 3
1 Single use only
Emerald +50% Durability
Mining level increased to 2
1 Single use only. When used in conjunction with the Diamond modifier, the 50% bonus is applied last, regardless of the order the modifiers were added.
Redstone +0.08 Mining Speed / Redstone dust
(+4 Speed in total)
50 Also improves draw speed of shortbows. No effect on melee weapons
Ball of Moss Tool Regeneration
1 Repairs faster in sunlight
Lava-Crystal Auto-Smelting 1 Also sets mobs on fire. Stacks with Luck. Not compatible with Silk Touch
Lapis Lazuli Luck
(Fortune / Looting)
450 Luck increases with use. 100 lapis = Fortune I, 300 lapis = Fortune II, 450 lapis (max) = Fortune III. Not compatible with Silk Touch.
Nether Quartz Extra damage 72 Less effective on piercing weapons (such as the rapier)
Blaze Powder Fire 25 Target burns for 1 second / 5.6 powder
Necrotic Bone Necrotic 1 Heals you 1 Heart / Bone per strike
Silky Jewel Silk Touch 1 Not compatible with Luck or Auto-Smelt. Halves damage. Single use only
Obsidian Plate Reinforced trait increased by 1 1 Potentially stacks to Reinforced X, which results in Unbreakable (unlimited durability)
Piston Knock-Back 10 Stacks for greater knock-back distance
Obsidian +
Ender Pearl
Beheading 1 Stacks for greater chance of obtaining heads
Fermented Spider Eye Bane of Arthropods
Extra damage to Spiders
4 1-2 Hearts per level
Consecrated Soil Smite
Extra damage to Undead
36 1-2 Hearts per level
RE Battery +
Electronic Circuit
Uses EU instead of durability 1 Requires IC2 Mod. If the item has the Stonebound or Jagged trait, it can be used almost to breaking, then modified to Electric to retain its higher speed or damage. Single use only. Will be removed in MC 1.7.
Hardened Flux Capacitor
Leadstone Energy Cell
Uses Redstone Flux instead of durability 1 Requires Thermal Expansion 3. Similar to Electric.
Diamond +
Gold Block
+1 Modifier slot Single use only
Nether Star +1 Modifier slot Single use only

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