Tools (Tinkers' Construct)

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Tools from Tinkers' Construct are similar to Vanilla tools but have major differences which are:

  • tools do not disappear when they break
  • broken tools can be fixed completely for less of a material cost than building a new one (Depending on the Modifiers applied to the tool)
  • certain Materials add traits to the tool to make it faster or more durable
  • tools can be "enchanted" simply by adding other materials to them after creation but cannot be normally enchanted (Ex; Using a Book&Anvil or via Enchantment Table)


Basic Tools

Basic tools can be built in a Tool Station or a Tool Forge. Parts listed can be found on the Blank Pattern page.

  • Pickaxe - Requires a pickaxe head, tool binding, and tool rod (or stick)
  • Shovel - Requires a shovel head and tool rod
  • Axe - Requires an axe head and tool rod
  • Mattock (like a Vanilla hoe) - Requires an axe head, shovel head, and tool rod
  • Chisel - Carves stone bricks into other decorative designs. Requires a chisel head and tool rod
  • Frying Pan - Can cook meat and stun enemies. Requires a pan and tool rod

Advanced Tools

Advanced tools need to be built in a Tool Forge, but can be fixed or upgraded in a Tool Station.

  • Hammer - The upgrade of the pickaxe. It can mine a 3x3 section that is dependent on the side of the block that is mined. Parts needed include a hammer head, two large plates, and tough tool rod
  • Lumber Axe - The upgrade of the axe. It can mine the entire tree (except the leaves) up to a height of 30 blocks. Parts needed include a broad axe head, large plate, tough binding, and tough tool rod
  • Excavator - The upgrade of the Shovel. It can mine a 3x3 section that is dependent on the side of the block that is mined. Parts needed include a broad shovel head, large plate, tough binding, and tough tool rod
  • Scythe - Not an upgrade. It can reap a 3x3 section of crops and can attack enemies in a 3x3 section. Parts needed include a Scythe head, tough binding, and two tough tool rods


When constructing tools, each one has different formulas for calculating the total durability.

Pickaxe / Shovel / Sword / Hatchet
DurabilityTotal = HeadDur x HandleMod

Example: Stone Head (131), Stone Handle (x0.5), Any type of binding. 131 x 0.5 = 65.5 ≈ 65

DurabilityTotal =( ( HeadDur + HeadDur ) x 3 x 0.25 ) x HandleMod

DurabilityTotal =Floor[ ( PlateDur + HeadDur + PlateDur) / 3 ] x 9 x HandleMod

SpeedTotal = (PlateSpd + HeadSpd + PlateSpd) /3

DurabilityTotal = (PlateDur + HeadDur)* (BindingMod + HandleMod) * 1.5468

SpeedTotal = (PlateSpd + HeadSpd)/2

Lumber Axe
DurabilityTotal = (PlateDur + HeadDur)* (BindingMod + HandleMod) * 1.40458

This is a rough estimate and usually you'll need to round up and/or add or subtract 1 to your result

SpeedTotal = (PlateSpd + HeadSpd)/2

Pickaxe optimizations


  • Pickaxe Head: Slime
  • Tool Binding: Obsidian
  • Handle: Manyullyn

Mining Speed

  • Pickaxe Head: Cobalt
  • Tool Binding: ANY
  • Handle: ANY

Mining Level

  • Pickaxe Head: Manyullyn
  • Tool Binding: ANY
  • Handle: ANY

The BEST tool always depends on what it is intended for, and is subject to discrimination. Each player likes something a little different.


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