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Tinkers' Construct is a weapon and tool manufacturing mod. It introduces different ways of crafting harder, better, faster and stronger equipment. The mod adds patterns for tool and weapon parts that allow the player to create hundreds of combinations; each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and effects. After the tool or weapon is created, additional materials may be installed to boost the item's abilities, or to simulate vanilla enchantments.

It introduces a multi-block structure called the Smeltery, which is used to craft metal tools/parts and some decorative blocks, as well as providing a method of doubling ore output.

Tinkers' Construct also introduces a new inventory tab, called Armor Tab, which removes the 2x2 crafting grid and provides brand new equipment slots for various apparel, including one for Knapsack, which further expands available player inventory slots.

Starting off

When the player joins a new world, the character spawns with a book in their hand called "Materials and You, by Skyla." As the player progresses, other books pop into existence at certain milestones. These books can also be crafted in case they are lost.

Book 1 - Materials and You, by Skyla.

This volume contains initial instructions as well as 20 recipes (basic, advanced, books, Smeltery).

Advanced Recipes

  • Tool Forge - Upgraded Tool Station, enables more type of tools and weapons to be built.

Book Recipes

  • Materials and You, by Skyla. Volume I, Tan - One paper and one Blank Pattern must be beside each other in one row of the crafting GUI. The recipe is not shapeless, but the materials may be in any order.
  • Materials and You, by Skyla. Volume II, Red - Simply put Volume I in the crafting grid to create Volume II. The player gets a free copy of Volume II after creating a Stencil Table.[1]
  • Mighty Smelting, by Thruul M'gon. Black - Simply put Volume II in the crafting grid to create Mighty Smelting. The player gets a free copy after crafting one block of the Smeltery.

Smeltery Recipes

Main article: Smeltery
  • Grout - Used in a furnace to make Seared Brick.
  • Seared Brick - Like Vanilla clay bricks, four of these can be crafted to make a Seared Bricks block, or used in other recipes to make the blocks required for a Smeltery.

The remainder of the recipes are parts of the smeltery crafted from these Seared Bricks. For more information on these recipes, as well as how to construct the smeltery, see the main article.

Book 2 - Materials and You, by Skyla.

This volume outlines the different Tools and Weapons available with Tinkers' Construct, the Materials needed to make parts, and the Modifiers that each tool or weapon can receive.

Book 3 - Mighty Smelting, by Thruul M'gon.

Contains instructions on building the Smeltery. The eleven Smeltery recipes are repeated, and the last pages show three molten metal recipes.

Molten Recipes

  • Brownstone - Mix molten tin with gravel
  • Clear Glass - Molten glass
  • Seared Stone - Molten stone

Alloy Recipes

The following recipes assume ingots; remember that using ores will double your input/output.

  • Aluminum Brass - Three Aluminum and one Copper. Yields two ingots of Molten Aluminum Brass. Used primarily for making casts.
  • Bronze - Three Copper and one Tin. Yields three ingots of Molten Bronze. A lower-tier material.
  • Alumite - Five Aluminum, two Iron, and two Obsidian Ingots (or one Obsidian block). Yields 3 ingots of Alumite. A higher-tier material useful for mining Cobalt and Ardite.
  • Manyullyn - Two Cobalt and two Ardite. Yields 1 ingot of Molten Manyullyn. An endgame-tier material.

Gameplay changes

A somewhat hidden feature bundled of this mod is hunger preservation when a player dies. In a normal game, once the player dies, the hunger resets and player starts with full hunger bar. But with this mod, upon player's death, the hunger bar remains the same as moments before death.

This can be toggled in the TinkersWorkshop.cfg file under the following line;

B:"Keep hunger on death"=true/false



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