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Casts are used with the Smeltery to create metal tool parts. You need a Casting Table, liquid gold metal in your Smeltery, a stone tool part and a Casting Table to create casts.

Your Casting Table needs to be placed under a Seared Faucet connected to a Seared Drain. Then you can place your stone tool part on the Casting Table and pour metal over it.

List of available Casts

  • Blank Cast
  • Pick Head Cast
  • Shovel Head Cast
  • Axe Head Cast
  • Sword Blade Cast
  • Pan Cast
  • Board Cast
  • Knife Blade Cast
  • Arrow Head Cast
  • Chisel Head Cast
  • Tool Rod Cast
  • Tool Binding Cast
  • Wide Guard Cast
  • Hand Guard Cast
  • Crossbar Cast
  • Hammer Head Cast
  • Broad Axe Head Cast
  • Broad Shovel Head Cast
  • Large Blade Cast
  • Scythe Head Cast
  • Tough Rod Cast
  • Tough Binding Cast
  • Large Plate Cast
  • Full Guard Cast
  • Ingot Cast
  • Gem Cast

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