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Welcome to the Tropics, where all your stress fades away....

In Tropicraft you travel to a magical realm filled with natives, monsters, magic, and volcanic activity. To get the Tropics you must first get some items from around the world. You must get bamboo, pineapples, wool, and coconuts from palm trees which are randomly spawned in biomes around Minecraftia. Then in the TMI menu off to the side of your inventory look for the recipe for beach chairs and umbrellas which are made of some of your bamboo and wool. Once built find the recipe for a mug which is made of bamboo. Once you have that in a crafting grid put pineapples and coconut slices(which are made from slicing coconuts with your sword) next to your mug. Now you have your pina colada, umbrella, and beach chair, place your beach chair down on a porch or any block what so ever and have the umbrella above the chair. Wait until the sunset is happening and sit in the beach chair and drink the pina colada. You will be transported to the Tropical Realm.

The many mobs and NPCs of Tropicraft!

Once in the Tropical Realm you will find dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals which come from the Archaeology Mod. There will also be many mobs to attack and befriend. There are two types of Tropimobs one is the Tropicreeper, now this won't attack you but if killed will present you with coconut bombs.

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