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The Minions in Attack of the B-Team allows you to have up to 4 minions do your bidding. They can carry things, mine, and chop forests. To get started you need to get to level 8 then hit the "z" key by default and choose an action to give in to the darkness. This will cost you 2 levels of experience. Once you've done that 4 times you'll get a Master's Staff that you can use to summon and order minions.

The following commands can be given:
Note: Most commands cost food and if you're too hungry they won't be given.

  • Right click and hold for a second before releasing to order minions to follow.
  • Right click a spot on the ground to order minions to move nearer to that space.
  • Right click a tree and minions will start harvesting all trees in a large area.
  • Right click an ore and minions will mine the entire vein.
  • Right click a chest (from far away so you don't open it) and minions will deposit their inventory in it.
  • Left click a minion to 'encourage' it to work faster.
  • Right click an entity and a minion will go and lift it over its head. Carrying it around until you right click the minion again to drop it.
  • Right click the block you're standing on and a minion will pick you up and carry you.
  • Open minions menu (default "z") and select Dig a Mineshaft. Minions will dig a shaft down to y=8 and build stairs into it for you.
  • Open minions menu (default "z") and select Stripmine. A single minion will dig a 1 wide, 2 high, 36 block long shaft and light it with torches. This command can be given up to 4 times since only 1 minion will work on it.
  • Open minions menu (default "z") and select custom to designate dimensions for a room and your minions will mine it out.
  • Left click to fire lightning from your staff.

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