Enhanced Portals

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Enhanced Portals
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Enhanced Portals allows for the creation of various sized portals that can link to anywhere in any dimension. These portals can be linked to each other via a network or by being specifically dialed. These portals are made like you would build a portal to the Nether.

While the portals still use obsidian, you may make them custom sizes. In order to make a portal of a custom size, you must use a Portal Modifier as a part of the portal. The light-purple side of the portal modifier must be facing inwards, towards where the portal particles would be displayed.

Video Tutorial

Portal Modifier Recipe

Obsidian Flint and Steel Obsidian Grid layout Arrow (small).png Flint and Steel
Diamond Iron Ender Pearl
Obsidian Redstone Obsidian

Note: The flint and steel used in this item is the Enhanced Portals version mentioned below.

Once you have placed your obsidian frame (including the portal modifier), you will need to light it with the Enhanced Portals flint and steel. With it, you will light the portal on the light-purple face of the portal modifier. By default, this portal works as a normal portal to the nether.

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