Saints Pack

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Saints Pack
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The Saints Pack mod adds 4 fun new weapons to the pack that can be obtained through crafting.


There is one base gun which is used to craft the remaining weapons.

First Dubstep Gun (Base Weapon)

  • Plays: Virtual Riot - Energy Drink
  • Consumes Redstone Dust
  • 100 rounds per Redstone Dust

Explosive Dubstep Gun

  • Plays: Elliot Bastiani - Love Story
  • WARNING: Fires Explosive Rounds
  • Consumes TNT
  • 8 rounds per TNT

Dubstep Circular Gun

  • Plays: Kdrew - Circles
  • Consumes Diamonds
  • 250 rounds per Diamond

Bat Killer

  • Plays: Adhesive Wombat - Rocket Science
  • "Huge Range"
  • Consumes Redstone Blocks
  • 16 rounds per Redstone Block

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