Ferrous Ore

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Ferrous Ore found in its natural habitat.

Ferrous Ore is an ore added by Thermal Expansion. It is found in lower layers.


Ferrous Ore is a primary source of nickel as well as a source of Platinum Dust, Pulverized Shiny Dust and Iridium Ore. It can be smelted into Nickel Ingots or macerated into Nickel Dust. It is most commonly found on layers 11-14, and more rarely on layers 15-17.

When Ferrous Ore is run through an Industrial Grinder, it also creates one Tiny Pile of Platinum Dust, or a full Platinum Dust using Mercury Cells, one Platinum Dust can be Centrifuged to produce one Iridium Nugget and a Tiny Pile of Nickel Dust.

Without GregTech enabled, Ferrous Ore can be smelted into a single Ferrous Ingot. Pulverizing Ferrous Ore in a Pulverizer produces two Pulverized Ferrous Dust and has a 5% chance to make Pulverized Shiny Dust and a 2.5% chance to make two Pulverized Shiny Dust.

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