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The Pulverizer is a machine added by Thermal Expansion. It smashes blocks and items and pulverizes Ores into twice as much dust. Pulverized ores can be cooked in the Induction Smelter, Electric Furnace, or any other furnace, to produce ingots. The secondary byproduct of pulverizing only happens a percentage of the time. It requires an Dynamo to run, or a filled redstone energy cell.

There is a small chance to receive a secondary byproduct when using the Pulverizer, this giving it a slight advantage over the Macerator. However, this machine is limited to those items listed in the table below and therefore cannot be used with all of the Ores in certain Modpacks associated with FTB.

The Pulverizer has a maximum power of 4 MJ/t and can store up to 4800 MJ. The pulverizer can be powered by any type of engine. However, it is recommended to use at least one or multiple redstone energy cells (powered by a series of engines) for it to work consistently.

When connecting the Pulverizer to a Pipe system, it is important to note that the machine has one input (blue), a primary output (red) and a secondary output (yellow). These outputs can be changed by using the Configuration menu next to the machine GUI. This way it is also possible to use two sides of the machine for the same output, or have primary and secondary products output to the same side (orange).

This machine can also be connected to an applied energistics network. When connecting to this type of network, you must configure the input side to be non slot specific, meaning it should not have a color. You then connect an ME export bus to the side you specified as the input (be sure to specify what you want to be input). Then connect an ME interface to the export side of the machine, and identify this side as the proper export colors in the pulverizer GUI. You do not need to configure the ME interface, as it will automatically accept the input from the machine.

A redstone signal can be used to turn on and off the machine. This is important to note when setting up your engines to power the pulverizer; levers placed in certain spots will power both the engine and the pulverizer, which will result in none of your ores being pulverized until the redstone signal to the pulverizer is removed, or you configure the machine to ignore the redstone signal in the GUI.

Video Tutorial

Crafting Recipe

  Piston   Grid layout Arrow (small).png File:Grid Pulverizer.png
Flint File:Grid Machine Frame.png Flint
File:Grid Copper Ingot.png File:Grid Redstone Reception Coil.png File:Grid Copper Ingot.png


Input Primary Output Secondary Output Chance of Secondary Output MJ Cost
Stone Cobblestone 320
Cobblestone Sand Gravel 10% 320
Stone Brick Cracked Stone Brick 80
Gravel Flint 320
Glass Sand 320
Sandstone Sand (x2) Niter 20% 320
Obsidian Pulverized Obsidian 800
Netherrack Cobblestone Sulfur 20% 320
Coal Ore Coal 40
Diamond Ore Diamond 40
Glowstone Glowstone Dust (x4) 80
Lapis Lazuli Ore Lapis Lazuli (x8) 240
Redstone Ore Redstone Dust (x8) 240
Wood Wood Chips 160
Sugar Cane Sugar (x2) 40
Bone Bone Meal (x6) 160
Blaze Rod Blaze Powder (4) Sulfur 50% 160
Gold Ore Pulverized Gold (x2) 400
Gold Ingot Pulverized Gold 240
Iron Ore Pulverized Iron (x2) Ferrous Dust 400
Iron Ingot Pulverized Iron 240
Copper Ore Pulverized Copper (x2) Pulverized Gold 5% 400
Copper Ingot Pulverized Copper 240
Tin Ore Pulverized Tin (x2) Pulverized Iron 5% 400
Tin Ingot Pulverized Tin 240
Silver Ore Pulverized Silver (x2) Pulverized Lead 5% 400
Silver Ingot Pulverized Silver 240
Lead Ore Pulverized Lead (x2) Pulverized Silver 5% 400
Lead Ingot Pulverized Lead 240
Sulfur Sulfur (Railcraft) (x2) 160
Niter Salpeter (Dust) (x2) 160
Sulfur Ore Sulfur (Railcraft) (x5) Sulfur 30% 240
Saltpeter Ore Salpeter (Dust) (x3) Niter 15% 240
Bauxite Ore Bauxite Dust (x3) Aluminium Dust 10% 400
Plantball Dirt 400
Coal Coal Dust 160
Charcoal Charcoal Dust 160
Ferrous Ore Pulverized Ferrous Dust (x2) Pulverized Shiny Metal 10% 400
Monazit ore Forcicium (x8) 100

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