The sawmill creates 6 planks and 1 sawdust per log.

Thaumcraft Greatwood and Silverwood do not work in this machine.

Wood from both types of Rubber trees gives 1 Sticky Resin and 16 Sawdust.

Twilight Forest biome trees give 6 vanilla planks and 1 Sawdust (Root blocks do not work in this machine.)

ExtraBiomesXL trees and Forestry bred trees give 6 of their own planks and 1 sawdust.

It is also possible to saw other objects down to their various components. For example, you can saw a jukebox down to 1 diamond and 8 planks.


  • The left side of the interface indicates power storage.
    • The lower slot is for charged Redstone Energy Cells.
  • The center-left slot is for the input item for sawing. The saw image below it shows whether the saw is active or not.
  • The center-right shows the sawing progress on the current item. This process is faster when more energy is provided to the sawmill.
  • The right side shows output storage.
    • The upper part is output planks. There are two slots, each capable of holding 64 planks.
    • The lower part is secondary output: sawdust in the case of wood, diamond for a jukebox, redstone for a note block, books for a bookshelf.


The faces of the Sawmill can be configured from inside the interface by clicking the gear icon to the right labeled Configuration. There are five configurable faces; the bottom-right face is for the rear of the machine. Clicking on one of these faces will toggle its input/output state:

  • Blue is an item input face for the wood that you wish to saw.
  • Red is an output face for planks. Output can be transported in liquid pipes. This does not require a wooden pipe or a pump to extract the objects; you may use a golden/stone transport pipe directly.
  • Yellow is a secondary output face (sawdust, diamond, etc.).
  • Orange is probably a dual-output face. All output (planks and sawdust) will go through this face.
  • Black (or no colored outline) inputs items into the slot under the energy indicator. Output face compatable with RedPower tubes.
  • Off (when the black square is not visible, showing only the face) toggles the face off. It can still receive MJ energy through this face.

Note that toggling any of these faces will also highlight the respective section of the interface in that color. Toggling Orange will highlight both output sections.


  Iron Axe   Grid layout Arrow (small).png File:Grid Sawmill.png
Wooden Plank File:Grid Machine Frame.png Wooden Plank
File:Grid Copper Ingot.png File:Grid Redstone Reception Coil.png File:Grid Copper Ingot.png

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