Portable Tank

Portable Tank
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Thermal Expansion









Data value

dec: 2008 hex: 7D8 bin: 11111011000

The Portable Tank is an item added in Thermal Expansion v2.1.0. It can hold 8000 mB (8 buckets) of liquid. Liquid can only be inserted or extracted from the top or bottom sides. A tank placed directly on top of another tank will self-configure its bottom side to auto-eject to the tank below. 

Wrench Mechanic:

Using a Crescent Hammer on a Portable Tank (the bottom face of the tank will turn orange) will change the bottom side to automatically eject liquid into whatever is below it, if possible. The tank cannot receive liquid on the bottom side while in this mode.

Dismantle Mechanic:

If dismantled (Sneak + Activate) with a Crescent Hammer, the Portable Tank will instantly be removed and the liquid will remain inside (works only in Survival mode).

Crafting Recipe

  File:Grid Hardened Glass.png   Grid layout Arrow (small).png File:Grid Portable Tank.png
File:Grid Hardened Glass.png File:Grid Tin Ingot.png File:Grid Hardened Glass.png
  File:Grid Hardened Glass.png  


  • Liquid must be deliberately inserted into Portable Tanks. You cannot, for instance, gravity feed water from a BuildCraft tank above a Portable Tank; the liquid must be forced in somehow.
  • Portable Tanks are extremely explosion resistant. 


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