Induction Smelter

Induction Smelter
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The Induction Smelter is used to create metal ingots. The machine has two inputs. You place your ore in one input and sand in the other. This machine works great when it is adjacent to a Pulverizer . The pulverizer will pulverize your ore and the induction smelter turns it into ingots from dust.

This machine also has a great by-product called slag. Slag can be cooked in a furnace to make rockwool. Rockwool works much better than normal wool for decorating for several reasons. First, one piece of dye can dye 8 pieces of rockwool. Second, any color of rockwool can be changed to any other color without any intermediate steps. Finally, rockwool can be manufactured by macerating cobblestone into sand and then feeding the sand into an induction smelter. You can use the same stack of metal over and over.

Smelting Ores (not dusts) with Sand has a 5% chance to produce Rich Slag and will directly produce two ingots (removing the need to pulverize it first). This rich slag, if used in place of sand when smelting metal dust, can be smelted with two dusts to produce three ingots corresponding to the type of dust. In other words, Rich Slag is worth one bar of any metal you choose. The process of smelting rich slag with dust also has a chance of producing normal slag.

Note that the Rich Slag produced by the induction smelter can be used to increase the yields of any metal as long as you have at least two metal dusts to smelt them with. For example, smelting several stacks of low-value ores such as tin and silver might produce a stack of Rich Slag. You can then take this slag and as little as two gold bars or dust and convert every piece of Rich Slag into gold bars by simply repulverizing the bars and smelting the dust with more Rich Slag. This process gives a significantly higher metal yield from ores than pulverization followed by smelting.

Induction Smelter runs with Minecraft Joules (MJ), the energy form of Buildcraft.

Recipe List

Primary Input Secondary Input Output Secondary Output 'MJ Cost'
Any Metal Ore Sand Metal Ingot x2 Rich Slag (20%) 320
Any Metal Dust x2 Sand Metal Ingot x2 Slag 80
Pulverized Obsidian/ Obsidian Dust Pulverized Lead/ Lead Dust Hardened Glass 800
Pulverized Obsidian/ Obsidian Dust Lead Ingot Hardened Glass


Gold Ingot Silver Ingot Electrum Ingot 240


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