Shiny Ingot

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Shiny Ingot
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Thermal Expansion









Data value

dec: 2025769 hex: 4F2169 bin: 10011110010000169

Shiny Ingot is added by Thermal Expansion

Shiny Ingots are made by smelting Shiny Dust in any furnace.  When ground in a Pulverizer, Rock Crusher or Macerator, it produces one Platinum Dust. Shiny Ingots are used in Energy Flow Circuits and Data Control Circuits.

The one use for it at this point is currently using on a Tesseract. If you put the dust on a tesseract it keeps it's settings when you pick it back up with a crescent hammer.

If the player desires iridium, shiny ingots can be placed in a Pulverizer to produce Pulverized Shiny Metal. If this is then centrifued in an Industrial Centrifuge it will produce 1 Iridium Nugget and 1 Tiny Pile of Nickel Dust. This is far more efficient than grinding into platinum dust and then centrifuging that dust.

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