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Advanced Genetics
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Advanced Genetics is a mod created by ObsiLP which adds Genetic-Science to Minecraft in Attack of the B-Team.

Getting Started

This is a short guide to Advanced Genetics.

The first thing you need is a Scraper. Right-click on an Entity with the Scraper and you will get Skin Scales. Put these Skin Scales into a DNA Analyser and you will get Cells and Organic Drops. With these Cells you have to craft a Basic DNA Dictionary. Trust me. You need this item for all the following machines.

The next step is to put the Cell into the DNA Extractor. It will return a Helix. This Helix is encrypted so you have to put it into the DNA Decrypter.

The last normal step is to put your Helix into the DNA Splitter. This block allows you to choose which Genes you want to split from the Helix. It outputs the chosen Gene and Organic Drops.

After that you have to put your Gene into the right slot of the DNA Breeder. You can see at the bottom how many other Genes you have to put into the left slot. (Basic Genes adds 1 State, the same Gene as in the right slot adds 2 States). When the Gene is completed you have to extract your blood by using a Syringe. Put this Syringe into the Centrifuge.

The Centrifuge will return a Centrifuged Syringe. To add your Gene you must put the Gene and the Syringe into the DNA Combiner. After this step you only have to centrifuge your Syringe again and then you can inject it back into yourself. Voilà! Your Gene is now in your DNA!

Please notice that all machines require power to work, you can use the mods own power source the Combustion Generator or feed power from Thermal Expansion

Video Tutorials

Finding it hard to follow along with the Advanced Genetics tutorial above? Don't worry we've got you covered! check out these tutorials submitted by our wiki contributors...

If you want further information on how to advance further in Attack of the B-Team check out the page for the mod your interested in on the Mod list


All abilities are obtained through processing skin scales from mobs until you get the genes, which then must be combined with your DNA or in some cases, mob DNA. Also, abilities with a key binding can be assigned a different key in the menu.

Passive Mob Genes:

Chicken Genes:
  • No-Fall: You don't get fall-damage anymore.
Cow Genes:
  • Infinite Milk: When you add this to yourself or a mob, you or the mob gives milk like a Cow.
Horse Genes:
  • Jump: You can jump higher.
Ocelot Genes:
  • Speed: You can run faster.
  • Avoid Creepers: Creeper won't explode when you are close enough. They will also flee like they flee from Ocelots.
Sheep Genes:
  • Wooly: When you add this to yourself or a mob, you or the mob drops wool when you shear it.
  • Eat Grass: When you are hungry, just right-click a grass block.
Bat Genes:
  • Fly: You can fly, like in creative mode! Note: This ability also gives you Fall-Resistance.
Mooshroom Genes:
  • Produce Stew: When you add this to yourself or a mob, you or the mob gives stew like Moohshrooms.
Squid Genes:
  • Water Breather: You have infinite breath under water.

Neutral Mob Genes:

Enderman Genes:
  • Teleporter: When you press 'H' you will throw an enderpearl which teleports you but you won't take damage.
  • Save Your Inventory: To use this gene first you have to make a death enderchest, place it somewhere and right-click it. Now when you die, your inventory will be saved in this chest.
Spider Genes:
  • Climb: You can climb up walls.
Zombie Pigman Genes:
  • Swim In Lava: You can swim in lava like Pigmans.

Hostile Mob Genes:

Blaze Genes:
  • Shoot Fireballs: You can shoot fireballs, which will set mobs or blocks on fire.
Creeper Genes:
  • Explode Yourself: Press 'U' 8x and you will explode like a Creeper!
Ghast Genes:
  • Destroy Blocks With Fireballs: You can shoot fireballs, which will explode when they hit something.
Skeleton Genes:
  • Infinity: You don't need arrows anymore when shooting with the Genetic Bow.
Slime Genes:
  • Slimy: When you die you will drop Slime-Balls.
Witch Genes:
  • Throw Potions: When you press 'P' you can throw random potions.
Zombie Genes:
  • Resistance: This ability gives you a Resistance potion effect.

Utility Mob Genes:

Iron Golem Genes:
  • More Hearts: Increase your health by 5 hearts.

Boss Mob Genes:

Ender Dragon Genes:
  • Ender Health: To use this gene first you have to make a Health Crystal and keep it in your inventory. Now when you take damage, the Health Crystal will absorb it and will be damaged instead of you. You can also place the Health Crystal as a block. Then the blocks heals you in a range of about 20 blocks.
Wither Genes:
  • Withers Hit: When you hit an entity it gets the 'Wither'-Effect.

Known Bugs

  • None

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